2 Broke Girls Makes Me Laugh

I used to love to watch sitcoms, but I haven’t watched too many in the past couple years. Until this year. I look forward to Monday nights, because I know I will laugh and chuckle my way through 2 Broke Girls. The show reminds me that laughter is the key to the heart.

I’m excited that people are supporting these two lovable gals and nominated 2 Broke Girls for best New TV Comedy. I want to help spread the word, and remind people to for 2 Broke Girls (or your favorite new comedy) in The People’s Choice Awards of 2012.

Max and Caroline’s dream in 2 Broke Girls is to open their own cupcake business. They understand dreams can come true through an honest day’s work. I can relate to the girl’s dreams. I had a dream several years ago that I would make a full time income from my writing and blogging business, and that dream has come true in the last year or so. That’s why my vote for the People’s Choice Award is for a show that keeps me chuckling at the same time as it inspires me to follow my dreams.

You can go vote for your favorite shows here: People’s Choice Awards

I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote WBTV shows nominated in the People’s Choice Awards.

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