Low Histamine Garden

How to plan a low histamine garden

What should you grow in your garden if you have a histamine intolerance? A low histamine garden is a great way to eat as fresh as possible, which is what you want to do if you have a histamine intolerance and/or mast cell activation syndrome. I recently found out I have a pretty severe histamine … Read more

Best Vegetables To Plant In Spring

A Guide To Growing Successful Spring Crops Here in Ohio spring is here, and we are excited to dig into our garden beds. With the improving weather comes the opportunity to plant cold-tolerant spring crops like beets, cilantro, lettuce, and spinach. How to sow spring seeds: You can start cole crops, aka ones that thrive … Read more

DIY Barb Wire Christmas Wreath

We used to live on an old farm, so one thing we seemed to have too much of was old barb wire fence. We’ve been working on tearing out old fence lines since we moved in over 16 years ago, and there was even some old fence and barb wire in one of the barns. … Read more