4 Great Yard Sale Tips and Hacks

Money is tight in today’s economy, and there’s tons of ways to bring in a little extra to pad your bank account with. Hosting a yard sale is a great way to get rid of clutter and unnecessary stuff while also growing your bank account! There are a few yard sale tips and hacks you need to know if you’re hosting a yard sale though, because you’ll want to ensure that it’s as successful as possible. This list of tips will help you and ensure success at your yard sale! 4 Great yard sale tips and hacks 1. Price tag everything. It saves a lot of hassle and time. People will still try and haggle but usually a set price helps them be a little more reasonable. Additionally, people will already know the price rather than having to ask about every single item. That will free up some time to answer questions and tender change and anything else you need to do!

2. Adequate signage. Nothing is worse as a yard-sale goer than driving around not being able to read the signs. You need BIG, noticeable writing. Make sure the handwriting is neat, legible, and able to be seen from far away. Adding arrows is also a great idea, that way if it’s hard to read to someone, they can just follow the arrows.

3. Joint/community yard sale. Consider doing a joint or community yard sale! It’s a great opportunity to connect with people in your community, but also to have some additional help. If you decide to do one with a neighbor, you can both set up at one house and maximize efficiency by helping each other! Make sure you do it with someone you trust, because some yard sales are very fast paced and you want to make sure all the money is going where it needs to be. Community yard sales are also great because they draw in a bunch of people wanting to take stuff off your hands!

4. Have change. People don’t typically have exact change when they show up at a yard sale, so it’s a good idea to grab some cash in various bills so that you can provide change. If you really want to go above and beyond, something like the PayPal Here card reader is a great idea! It plugs in to your smart phone and you can swipe a card. Then, the money goes right into your PayPal account. Either way, make sure you have options. So, there you have it.

Follow some of these best practices and your yard sale is sure to be a hit! As yard sale season approaches, you want to make sure people find you, and spend money. It’s always nice to declutter and make some money off of it! So keep these tips in mind and host a great yard sale!

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