Divide Those Perennials

The next few weeks will be great for dividing those perennials. It’ll give the roots time to settle in before the ground freezes for the winter.

How do you know if your perennial needs divided?
1. If the center of the plant has died out. A good example is Lambs Ear, when it starts dying in the center it’s time to divide it up and replant.

2. The plants stopped, or slowed down on flowering compared to previous years, this is a possible sign the roots are getting too crowded.

3. The perennial is growing into it’s neighbor plant, and trying to crowd it out. It’s a sure sign the plant needs some division, does a neighbor or friend need a new perennial. It’s a great time to share, and swap the perennials you have plenty of.

To divide your plants use a shovel or pitch fork for large plants. For smaller plants use a garden spade, or knife. Your hands often work very well for small delicate plants.

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