Getting A Jump On Spring Gardening

It’s almost March, can you feel the warm breezes of summer yet? Here are a couple things you can start working on in the next couple weeks to prepare your garden for those warm summer months:
1. Prepare new beds, or beef up existing beds by adding mulch and organic matter to work in when you start digging in the garden.
2. Prepare your cold frame. You don’t have to purchase an expensive cold frame, you can make your own. Either make a wood frame with an old door or window hinged on top. Easier yet use straw or cement building blocks to make the frame. Then just lay an old door or window on top. You have a cold frame for little or no cost!
3. Check all of your gardening tools. Sharpen tiller and mower blades. Check your hoses for leaks, and weak spots.
4. Prepare your containers. Scrape out, and wash all your containers from last year to prevent disease. Look the containers over for cracks, or breaks, and purchase replacements for pots that will not make it another year.
5. Divide and move any perennials, bulbs, or shrubs that have gotten too large, or have outgrown their space.
6. Gather your gardening supplies, such as stakes and tomato cages. Check expiration dates on your organic pesticides, and fertilizers to determine what can be used this year.
7. Prune your fruit trees, grapevines, and shrubs. Check with your local extension office for information on pruning your specific tree or vine.
Wow! What a list, and I thought I would not be able to start gardening for a few weeks yet!

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