Heat Up That Compost Pile

Compost is one of the best things you can add to any type of soil. It makes hard clay soil looser, and less likely to clump. It makes sandy soil retain more moisture. Most important of all compost contains valuable nutrients, and micro organisms to help keep your plants healthy.

You can set up 5×6 bins to make your compost in, or use a barrel composter like the one shown below.

Making your own compost just got easier with this barrel composter. Add your favorite compost materials, and tumble it each day to make some black gold for your garden.

The tumbler also comes with compost activator to help turbo charge the composting process, and a composting guide so you can have perfect compost every time.

What can you add to the compost pile:
grass clippings
horse or cow manure
rabbit droppings
vegetable peels
rotting fruits of vegetables
shredded newspaper
weeds(but watch for seeds)
used coffee grounds

What not to put in compost:
dog or cat droppings
any type of meat

While composting is not an exact science you should add approximately one part green material (vegetable peels, rotting fruit, grass clippings) to 25 parts brown material (leaves, newspaper, straw).

If your compost pile is out of balance it will not break down as quickly, or it may get a foul odor. If either one of these occur, just adjust your balance of brown to green material. If you have a foul odor, add more brown material. Compost not breaking down quickly? Add more green. Experiment until you get the right combination to heat your compost into nutrient rich soil.

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