What Are You Doing to Help Improve the Environment?

As an avid gardener preserving the earth and the environment is something I try hard to do. When I garden I only use organic fertilizers and pest control methods. I also try hard to leave the soil better at the end of the gardening season than it was in the Spring.

How do I do this? I compost everything I can, create habitats that encourage beneficial insects like the Praying Mantis pictured above. I also create a habitat around my home to encourage birds, rabbits, deer, squirrels, and other creatures to thrive. They may munch a little on my garden, but if they have other food available to them they tend to leave it alone.

We help encourage these creatures by planting plenty of trees and shrubs, we also have several nut and berry trees on our property to help provide food long into the fall months. Through the winter we have bird feeders, and even drop food out for some of the other animals if the winter is unusually harsh.

We try to conserve water, electricity, and gasoline whenever possible to save some of these resources for future generations. I love nothing more than sitting outside on a sunny day, or starry night and enjoying the world around me. I want my son to be able to do the same when he’s my age. That’s a huge motivation to do whatever I can to help improve our environment.
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