You Can Build Your Own Pond

You can build your own pond, or go with one already built for you. It all depends on the size and style you are looking for. You can use a shaped liner, or a large black flexible PVC lining, again depending on the size and shape of pond you want to create.
Dig your pond to your desired size and shape, or buy a small pond, or fountain that is pre-fabricated to set above ground, such as this Waterfall. Whether or not you will be able to dig your pond by hand, or if you will require machinery will also depend on the size.
There are several questions you should ask yourself before you start digging. Where is the best place to locate your pond? Do you want to be able to see it from the house? Do you have small children you don’t want to wander too near? What are you looking to create with your pond? A backyard habitat for animals, a garden showpiece, or a quiet place to get away from the world. You also need to consider what you have space, and time for.
Lay out an outline where you want your pond. Once you are happy with the size and shape, start digging. Before you set your liner, you may want to put a layer of sand down, to prevent any sharp rocks or jagged edges from puncturing your liner.
If you are digging a large pond, you may want to have shallower steps, or ledges around the edges to place plants on. Place gravel or rocks around the edge of the pond to hold down and cover the edges of your liner. This also makes an attractive edging for your pond.
Next up filters, plants, and fish.

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