5 Ways Houseplants Help Your Home

I love my houseplants! Just looking at them and caring for them make my heart feel warm. Houseplants also add decor to your home, but did you know they have many other benefits as well? Take a look at 5 ways houseplants help your home, making it a calm, healthy, and colorful environment! You may just find that you want houseplants in every room of your house. Here is what you need to know about how houseplants can help your home.

5 Ways Houseplants Help Your Home

1. Fight the common cold.
Did you know that having a variety of houseplants in your home helps increase humidity? This added moisture can help reduce cold, nasal dryness, irritation, and other cold symptoms. You will also find that the added humidity can lead to moisturized skin!

2. Reduce stress.
Having houseplants can help you reduce stress. The colors and scents alone can help lower blood pressure and lead to a feeling of calm. Caring for your plants can also help you feel relaxed, purposeful, and nurturing which are all mood boosting.

3. Relieve drowsiness and headaches.
Houseplants can help remove carbon dioxide from the air, which in excess can lead to feelings of drowsiness. Eliminating the carbon dioxide can also help the air in the home be fresh, helping you enjoy less stuffy air and less headaches.

4. Sleep better.
Place plants such as gerbera daisies next to your bed for a better night’s sleep. Plants give off oxygen, which can help you sleep deeper and better. Children’s rooms as well as your own room can benefit from a variety of houseplants.

5. Boost your creativity.
Plants in your home office or home work space can not only keep the air clean, but help boost your creativity. Green, living items tend to stimulate creativity with just a glance, so place some plants in these spaces and see what a difference they make.

So which plants are ideal for your home? Gerbera daisies, peace lilies, aloe, spider plant, snake plant, English ivy, and Chinese evergreen are all easy and inexpensive choices. They are also fairly simple to grow and don’t require a huge amount of maintenance.

Give these tips a try and see how houseplants can help your home be a happier and healthier place to be!

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