5 Simple Ways to Attract Deer

Here in Ohio we have 12 acres of woods behind our house, a creek and tree line in front of our house, and another treeline running down the side of our property. We spot deer on a regular basis. Having deer on your land can be quite fun and entertaining. Watching deer can be exciting for children and quite interesting for you too! Take a look below at 5 simple ways to attract deer to your yard. When you give these tips a try, you can easily attract these beautiful creatures to your yard for you to observe and enjoy. Here is how you can get started.

5 Simple Ways To Attract Deer

1. Provide pine trees.
Deer love having pine trees to conceal them and make them feel safe. Pine trees also block heavy and cold winds, giving them some warmth and protection. Create a row or cluster of pines for deer to dwell in and they are sure to enjoy it.

2. Create a place for them to drink.
Deer will appreciate a small pond with fresh water. Like other animals they are always looking for a cool sip, and a pond is a perfect way to give this. Especially during hot weather, deer are sure to flock to it. During cold months, consider placing a heater in the pond to keep the water from freezing.

3. Create some overgrowth.
Have a section of your yard contain overgrowth. This can be grass, shrubs, etc. Deer like to raise and hide their young in this overgrowth, as well as sleep in it. Create an overgrowth space for your deer to find solace in. Be sure to stay away from this area as well, so the deer know it is a safe place that is all their own.

4. Try a salt lick.
Deer have a taste for salt. You can find salt licks at garden and feed stores perfect for this. Just set the salt lick out in the yard and in no time the deer will come to dine. Keep in mind however that the salt lick will kill plants around it, so don’t place it near flowers or shrubs you wish to keep.

5. Consider tasty plants.
Deer love to nibble on a variety of plants. Some of these plants include red clover, chicory, peas, soybeans, turnips, and corn. Consider planting some of these items for them to come and feast on. All of these plants are easy to come by, easy to grow, and easy for the deer to enjoy!

Having deer in your yard can provide some unique photo opportunities and hours of entertainment. Give these tips a try and see how many deer you can attract!

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