Worms, Garbage, and the Organic Garden

In recent years people have become increasingly aware of the chemicals used to produce our food, and many are finally starting to fight back by purchasing organic, and using organic production methods in their own gardens. How can you grow your own garden organically? Here are three things you can do to get a good … Read more

What Type Of Garden Should You Grow?

What type of garden should you grow? Now is a great time to determine the layouts of your upcoming gardens. With your seed catalogs in hand, sit down and decide what you will plant where, and what you will move, divide, or dig out. Do you need to start a new garden or two? Start … Read more

Getting A Jump On Spring Gardening

It’s almost March, can you feel the warm breezes of summer yet? Here are a couple things you can start working on in the next couple weeks to prepare your garden for those warm summer months: 1. Prepare new beds, or beef up existing beds by adding mulch and organic matter to work in when … Read more

Starting Seedlings Indoors

You have been pouring through the seed catalogs since Christmas, and have ordered your seeds, or are getting ready to order your seeds. Spring fever is hitting hard! Here are some handy tips for starting your tomato, pepper, and other seedlings indoors. Pick out those mouth-watering heirloom varieties, and lets get started. You also get … Read more