Blue Wild Indigo A Beautiful Native Plant

Here is a picture of a Blue Indigo plant at our local school eco-garden. It is breathtaking; the blues in the flower are almost iridescent.

The other names for this plant are Blue False Indigo, and Blue Wild Indigo. The scientific name is Baptisia australis. It grows to between 3 and 4 feet tall, and flowers in late May or June, depending on location. The plant can spread up to 4 feet, so give it plenty of leg room.

The flowers are striking in bouquets. The flowers give way to a seed pod, which produces a blue dye. The seed pods can make a great addition to dried floral arrangements.

You can find Blue Wild Indigo in most of the Eastern half of the United States, from Vermont, to Texas. They make a great addition to any native plant garden, or cottage garden in this part of the US. It is a perennial in zones 3-9, which means it will return year after year. New plants can be started from seed, but I have heard it can be a difficult process.

Blue Indigo is supposed to repel flies, but is a natural butterfly attraction, so a great addition to the butterfly garden.

These plants are also found in Native American medicine. They are supposed to remedy vomiting, toothaches, and coughing, as just a partial list of the many things this plant is listed as a help for.

This beautiful plant is definitely on my favorites list.

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