What Are The Best Edible Blooms?

Are you looking for some edible flowers to throw on your fresh salad this summer? One word of caution- do not eat flowers when you do not eat unknown flowers. Some flowers and greens can be poisonous.

Here is a list of some great flowers to toss into you next salad:
1. Nasturtiums
2. Violas
3. Violets
4. Dandelion
5. Chives (Alliums)
6. Angelica
7. Anise Hyssop
8. Scented Geraniums
9. Squash flowers
10. Marigolds
11. Rose Petals
12. Calendula
For the best texture and flavor, pick your flowers first thing in the morning, when they are still full of moisture from the dew, or after a gentle summer rain.

Delicate edible blooms will not last long once they are picked. You can keep them fresh for a little a few hours by placing them in damp towels in a cool place.

Edible flowers can add a touch of color, and interesting flavor to your next salad. In addition to edible flowers, you can try some unusual edible greens to spice up your salad.
The next time you toss romaine, or head lettuce toss in some of these leaves to add interesting color, flavor, and texture to your salad (and also a ton of vitamins and antioxidents)
Scented Geranium Leaves (Mint, and Citrus are great)
Beet Leaves
Yum, nothing is better than salad fresh from the garden!

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