Bring In Your Favorite Plants for the Winter

It’s time to bring in any potted plants herbs or flowers you want to overwinter inside. Before I bring in my plants I give them a spray down with insecticidal soap, or a mixture of Fels Naptha soap and water. You can find Fels Naptha soap in the laundry aisle at many grocery store. It comes in a bar, use a cheese grater to grate about a tablespoon to mix with water in a small spray bottle. Shake up the mixture until the soap dissolves.

You can use this mixture to spray your plants before you bring them in for the winter. Spray the leaves on the top and bottom. Set them in a warm sunny spot to dry, then bring them inside to place in a warm sunny window for the winter.

1 thought on “Bring In Your Favorite Plants for the Winter”

  1. I sold my house last year and sometimes miss the gardening. I have one potted plant on my apt. balcony now.

    Last year, I thought I could leave my cacti in the flower boxes in front of my house. Nope, they all died.

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