Planning a Halloween Party? 10 Fun Halloween Decorations for Under $20

Are you planning a Halloween party this year, or do you just like to decorate for the season with some fun Halloween Decorations? We’ve put together a fun list of Halloween Decorations for under $20! You don’t have to spend a fortune on your Halloween party decorations!

You can deck out your home for just a few dollars, and add a few of your own personal touches without breaking the bank. Many of these decorations can make your house look festive for Halloween this year, and for many years to come.


  1. Get these awesome Halloween Spiders and Web for only $10.15! Perfect for decorating windows, or front porches!
  2. Add an adorable Lighted Maple Tree for only $16.49! This would be a great addition to your fall decorations, right on into Thanksgiving!
  3. Give your neighbors and friends a fright! Grab the Outrageous Beast Eyes Window Decoration for only $14.99!
  4. Need something vintage looking? Pick up the Old Lantern for only $11.87.
  5. Get a realistic 3 foot skeleton for only $19.99! It’s sure to be a party crowd pleaser!
  6. Light up your walk way and make your house festive this Halloween with Solar Pumpkin Lights for only $16.49.
  7. Pick up this unique Scary Face Poster for only $8.70. It would makeĀ  a great Halloween party decoration!
  8. Looking for something unique? You can add a Zombie Goose for only $15.99.
  9. Having a Halloween Party? Get a Human Brain Gelatin Mold for only $6.60. You can mold your own brain Jello, or make some brain ice for your Halloween punch!
  10. Want to go big with the Halloween decorations this year without spending a fortune? Decorate the entire house and get a Blood Shower Curtain for only $7.53.

Those are some of our favorite Halloween Decorations for Under $20! We’d love to hear your favorites too!

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