How to Get Beautiful Lilac Blooms

I LOVE Lilacs! They’re my favorite spring blooms! They’re so beautiful! And since they’re a flowering shrub once you plant them they provide not just color every spring but their wonderful fragrance to your yard as well. If you grow lilacs in your own yard, you might be wondering about how you can make that beauty last even longer. Take a look below for some helpful tips on how to get beautiful lilac blooms that come back stronger and fuller each and every year. With just a few simple steps, you can make your lilac shrub one that everyone will admire.

How to grow beautiful lilacs

1. Know when you need to prune.
There is one tell tale way to know if your lilacs need to be pruned. You will notice that your flowering clusters are getting smaller and smaller. If the last few years have produced smaller and smaller blooms, it is time to snip and bring them back to life.

2. Prune early.
Lilacs need to be pruned in the early spring. Don’t wait until after the growing season is over. As soon as greenery appears and you see budding, feel free to begin the pruning process. By completing this step early, you will be sure to see some fast results.

3. Remove dead or spindly wood.
Examine the tree for dead wood and cut away any dead pieces that might be draining the tree or shrub. Remove any dry canes that remain from the previous season, and cut back any spindly branches down to the stronger, more solid branches.

4. Use the “eye height” rule.
When your tree is lacking full and hardy blooms, try this tip: A good rule of thumb is to trim the shrub down to eye height. It will help trim away dead or worn out portions of the tree and allow for the fresh to flourish.

5. Know when to abandon ship.
Sometimes, the tree may need to be cut WAY down in order for it to strengthen itself and start blooming again. If your tree is near dead or has stopped blooming altogether, you may need to make some drastic cuts. To do this, cut the tree or shrub back to 6 or 8 inches high. Yes it will take time to grow again, but when it does it will come back with strength! Don’t panic if you don’t see blooms for 2-3 years as this is normal.

How to Get Beautiful Lilac Blooms

Growing beautiful lilac blooms on your lilac trees and shrubs can be easy when you give these tips a try. Consider them when caring for your lilacs this year and see what results you achieve!

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