How to Grow a Fairy Garden

Love fairies? We have some fun tips and tricks to share with you today to learn how to grow a fairy garden in your own back yard!

Who wouldn’t love fairies flocking to their garden? The idea of a fairy garden can be a fun and whimsical one, and one you can get the whole family involved in. Planting a very garden can be fun, frugal, and easy, you just need to put on your thinking caps and get a little creative. Luckily, children usually have no problem with this. So gather them around and take a look below at how to grow a fairy garden. In no time, your garden will be the one all of the fairies in town are whispering about!

how to grow a fairy garden

1. Pick your space.
You can plant a fairy garden right in your own yard, in a large planter, or in a whimsical flower pot. Use what you already have on hand and just get creative with it. A fairy garden can be as large or as small as you wish. Fairies are huge fans of upcycling, so find ways to get creative with what is available to you.

2. Think small.
Fairies have tiny hands, so you want to keep everything small just for them. This will make the fairy garden a more inviting place for them. Find miniatures at your local craft or hobby store to use in the garden. Mini tools, dishes, pots, accessories, and furniture will all be appreciated by the fairies stopping by.

3. Make it bloom.
Fairies love flowers, naturally! Amongst all of your miniatures, plant plenty of colorful flowers. Fairies like all flowers, so feel free to use ones that you like too. The brighter and sweeter smelling the better. That way, they can spot the garden from miles away. They have very keen senses, you know.

4. Mist it well.
Keep your flowers moist without ruining your miniatures by misting your garden. You can keep a spray bottle nearby to simply mist the plants as needed. Check for fairies before you mist. No one likes an unexpected shower, even a fairy.

5. Visit it often.
Once your fairy garden is created (plants and blooms are planted, accessories arranged) visit it often. Add pieces to it as the season goes on, trim away dead or spent plants, and keep it misted. Fairies are so busy taking care of the earth they often neglect their own spaces, so if you could be so kind as to help them with this, they will appreciate it.

fairy garden 2

Give these simple tips a try and enjoy a fairy garden of your own this season. Oh, and if you go through all of the work of one and never see a fairy no worries. Trust that they are there, sneaking in and out quickly enjoying the space you created for them.

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