5 Tips for Growing Beautiful Irises

Irises are a beautiful perennial that smell just as beautiful as they look. Available in a variety of colors and variations, irises are simple to grow and even more simple to cut and enjoy in your home. Butterflies and hummingbirds flock to them, neighbors will love them, and you will adore how hardy they are. If you have been curious about growing this flower in your own garden, take a look below for some helpful tips for growing beautiful irises. In no time, you will be an iris pro and growing the most beautiful blooms on the block.

5 Tips for Growing Beautiful Irises

1. Pick the perfect spot.
You want to plant irises in a spot where they will have at least 8 hours of sun. They also need well drained soil. Without these two elements in place, your iris flowers will not bloom. You can aid your soil by adding compost to it and tilling it well prior to planting.

2. Watch your calendar.
You want to plant your iris flowers in mid to late summer. Anytime prior to that may be too early and your iris flowers will struggle. They are quite hardy, so the outside temperature does not matter much.

3. Feed them well.
Water your iris blooms regularly and feed with fertilizer two times per season. Feed them once when planting and a second time in late summer.

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4. Don’t cut those stems!
It may be tempting to cut away the dead leaves and stems of the iris flower, but don’t. These parts carry nutrients that are important to next year’s growth. So while they may look unsightly for awhile, just know they are working hard to bring you gorgeous blooms next year.

5. Protect them from pests.
Sadly, iris plants are quite inviting to a variety of pests. Use a simple pesticide made of warm water and dish soap to spray away any unwanted pests.

Give these simple tips for growing beautiful irises a try when you grow iris flowers in your garden this year. In no time you will have beautiful blooms, and creatures such as butterflies and hummingbirds wanting to stop by and say hi. Cut the iris blooms to use in vases or centerpieces, or just enjoy the color they offer in the yard. However you enjoy them, they are a perennial you will look forward to coming back year after year.

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