Make Your Own Seed Tape

Instead of buying expensive prepared seed tapes you can make your own. Cut newspaper into 1″ wide strips. Create a paste from flour and water about the consistency of thick gravy. Dot the paste on the newspaper strip at evenly spaced intervals and apply the seeds. Cover the seeds with more paste, then lay the … Read more

Control Invasive Herbs

Some herbs can be invasive, such as bee balm, costmary, mint, and wormwood. These herbs spread by aggressive underground runners. These herbs can still be enjoyed and controlled if you plant them in a container, or barrier the roots can’t penetrate. Find an old bucket or pot. You want to look for a pot that … Read more

Ohio Weather

If you don’t like the weather in Ohio wait until tomorrow is the saying I hear on a regular basis. In this case it is the opposite. The weather has been great for about the last week, highs in the 60’s and 70’s, with plenty of sunshine. The week before that it was rain, rain, … Read more

Pond Plants

Pond plants come in many different styles. Some grow entirely below water, some grow up out of the water, and some just like to have their roots wet. How they grow will determine where you place them in your pond. Water lillies are the most common type of flower you will see in a garden … Read more

You Can Build Your Own Pond

You can build your own pond, or go with one already built for you. It all depends on the size and style you are looking for. You can use a shaped liner, or a large black flexible PVC lining, again depending on the size and shape of pond you want to create. Dig your pond … Read more