Rose Colors and Meanings

Can you believe in a little over a month it will be Valentine’s Day? One thing I’ve always been fascinated by is flowers, especially roses and rose colors and meanings. Every rose color has a unique and a specific meaning that helps to convey a person’s thoughts and emotions. Sometimes we have a hard time telling someone how we feel and roses have often been used to help say what we can’t quite put into words. Even with red roses, each shade can have it’s own special meaning. For hundreds of years when a man was wooing a woman he would bring her flowers and the colors he chose said just what he had difficulty saying out loud and the feeling he held within his heart.

Rose Colors and meanings

There are a few roses that symbolize love, but none that say I love you quite like a red rose does. The Red Rose is the universal symbol of love and is called the lover’s rose. Not only do red roses symbolize saying ‘I Love You’ but they also show commitment and undying love. A red rose also conveys the message of courage and respect, in addition to passion and romance.

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Pink Roses are used to express grace, dignity, and happiness. A pink rose is feminine and refined and is also a symbol of admiration. Often times pink roses are sent at the beginning of new relationships when it is too early to send red roses.

The White Rose represents purity and innocence, and often times is given as a token to say – I am worthy of you. The white rose is mostly used for weddings and also symbolizes young love. White roses don’t last as long as red roses and are given to mothers or the matriarch of the family to show respect.

If you want to show someone that they are desired and are excited to see them, send them Orange Roses. They show the recipient that they are wanted, desired, and that your passion runs deep for them. This fiery rose is all about showing that emotional, passionate side.

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Yellow roses are one of the best sentiments to show friendship, happiness, and the promise of a new beginning. They are also the most sent color of roses to funerals and memorials to say – remember me. They are also sent most often to hospitals as a way a token of wishing the person to get well.

Lavender roses are what you send to that special someone you fall in love at first site with and are in a state of pure enchantment. They are very romantic and a very rare rose meant for that special person who you can’t get out of your mind.

Peach roses show gratitude and simplicity and are the perfect way to say thank you.
With all these different meanings and definitions of rose colors, they is bound to be the perfect rose to show that special someone just how you feel.

What are your favorite rose colors and meanings?

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