10 Amazing Kitchens at HGTV

HGTV unveiled their top ten amazing kitchens. My favorite is the rustic kitchen. I love the rough stone and natural wood tones.

They have futuristic kitchens, green and minimalist kitchens, and everything in between. You can check out all the HGTV Amazing Kitchens at HGTV.com.

Rustic Kitchen

7 thoughts on “10 Amazing Kitchens at HGTV”

  1. I love this! This is awesome. I only wish I had the kind of kitchen I could do this to. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi, just been browsing through your pictures. I have a few issues with the kitchen for example why a tree?????????????????????? It’s kinda random.
    Just my opinion, so no offence ment.

  3. This is a awesome kitchen but the tree seems to be blocking the beautiful view of the mountains and to me it looks like that was an oversite when they designed the kitchen

  4. this kitchen is amazing … i hav done alot of cabinet makin and now doin some jarrah furniture and i hav always wanted 2 mix teh two 2getha liek this … amazing … along the lines of how much is it worthh 2 make

  5. this kitchen is absolutely amazing, i love it. after i graduate college and get a job and actually get my first house, i am going to do a complete make over to it, and make my house one of a kind!(:

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