Pet Friendly Gardening

While you’re in the planning stages for your garden this spring don’t forget your pets. Some plants can be toxic for your furry friends.

Some plants that are toxic for animals include:
Tulips can cause irritation to your pet’s digestive system
You may want to think about it before you add any of these plants if you have a dog or cat that like to nibble or chew on things.

Cats love catnip so you may want to save a little space in your garden for a patch of catnip to keep your feline friends happy.

If you have dogs you may want to leave a patch of dirt open for them to dig, and play in. My dog has a patch right up by the house she claims as her own. I had flowers planted there before she came to live with us, but she likes to dig in that corner so I gave up and let her claim it.

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