3 Simple Shortcuts to Mastering Meditation Techniques

Meditation has been around for centuries in one form or another and it has taken on a growing popularity in today’s hustle and bustle world. Every day we find ourselves more in need of a moment of silence and quiet. Finding that moment of calm amidst the storms of life is a welcome respite. When we are able to do it regularly, we live a more serene, stress-free existence. I’m like many others, I struggle with meditation and slowing my thoughts. My brain is always going 100 miles a minute. Here are three easy shortcuts that can help you cut through the noise and get to your inner peace more quickly:


Forget the “Rules”

There are many types of meditation and all of them are generally technique driven…that is, they have a set of steps to get to a desired result. This is in conflict with the whole idea of finding your peaceful state and oneness. Rather than focusing on the rules of a given meditation technique, instead focus on quieting the voices in your mind. Let go of all shoulds, coulds and woulds, and instead simply be for a five or ten minute session. The rest will come naturally in time.

Narrow Your Listening Field

Noise is another problem for many beginners and it is fairly easy to fix. When you begin meditating, try to find a place that is natural noise only. That is tough to do if you live in the city, but do your best. The more natural the sounds are around you, the better your odds of finding the right setting. Once you do find the best auditory area to meditate, narrow it even further as you focus. Try to hone in on a specific sound that you can hear. Drift off into that sound as though floating on an audio wave. Focusing your attention on the solitary sound can help you to reach that quiet place you seek.

Be Willing to Go There Anytime (Safely)

Meditation is also a very difficult thing for us to do on a timer. Sometimes it is simply impossible to reach the state necessary for cleansing our spirit. When you feel able, go there silently in your mind. Occasionally you will feel the ability to do so, and you should take advantage of your opportunities. It really doesn’t matter how you get in that quiet time as long as you do it. Just always be sure you are somewhere safe.

Meditation is a wonderful way to boost our energy levels, make us feel complete and bring us closer to the peaceful place within us all. Learn to go there with regularity and you will quickly find a more full and meaningful existence. These three shortcuts should help you get started, but what other ideas do you have? What works for you?

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