Tips for Growing Lilies

Lilies are such a delicate and classic flower, and they come in many colors and varieties. Perfect for adding a pop of color and charm to your garden, or for using in vases in the home, lilies are a flower you will want to experience year after year. If you are interested in adding this perennial to your garden, take a look below at some helpful tips for growing lilies. They don’t take much work, and you can become a pro in no time. Take a peek!

tips for growing lilies

1. No sun? No problem!
Lilies are not too particular about sun. They can be planted and grow in shade, part shade, sun, or part sun. As long as they have a decent amount of warmth, they are happy.

2. Keep the soil well drained.
While they are not picky about sun, they are picky about soil. Always keep your soil well drained. You can add compost to the soil to aid it as well as some bone meal which lilies adore. Bone meal may cause digging by critters such as squirrels however, so use sparingly if you have a great deal of these in your area.

3. Mulch is magic.
Lilies love mulch because it keeps their soil cool and damp. Use any variety of mulch around the base of the plant to help protect it and keep it cozy.

4. Primp as needed.
When blooms die off or leaves are spent, you may remove them. Primp your lilies as needed removing dead portions so the lily won’t waste its energy trying to revive it.

5. Plant in waves.
To have lilies blooming all season long, you can plant them in waves or choose an assortment of lilies that all have various bloom times. This will keep your yard looking like a fireworks show with color all season!

There are so many lilies to choose from: Asiatic, Tiger, and Oriental lilies are all easy to grow and super hardy. Year after year they will multiply and spread, filling your garden with plenty of color for less.

Give lilies a try in your yard this year. You will be amazed at how well they hold up even if your thumb is less than green.

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