After The Ice Storm

We’ve been without power for almost 24 hours from an ice storm that came through last night. It’s beautiful reflecting off the trees in the sun this morning, but our trees and yard are not very pretty. It looks like a war zone. We have some major branches down on some of our oldest trees. … Read more

Blog Action Day

I will be participating in Blog Action Day on October 15th. What is Blog Action Day? On October 15th bloggers from around the world will unite and post about the environment. Want to learn more check out this Youtube video about Blog Action Day 2007.

Bring In Your Favorite Plants for the Winter

It’s time to bring in any potted plants herbs or flowers you want to overwinter inside. Before I bring in my plants I give them a spray down with insecticidal soap, or a mixture of Fels Naptha soap and water. You can find Fels Naptha soap in the laundry aisle at many grocery store. It … Read more