Cute Owl Embroidery Hoop Craft

Spring is a fun time to get your craft on and create fun new DIY home decor and embellishments. This easy little owl embroidery hoop craft is the perfect touch for your updated spring decor! The best part it doesn’t cost much to make and it’s super easy to create. You can even let your kids help you!

cute and simple owl embroidery hoop craft idea

Supplies needed:

  • Small wooden embroidery hoop
  • Assorted felt
  • Assorted felt stickers or embellishments
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors

You can find all of these supplies at your local craft store and at a reasonable cost. They typically carry a large selection of felt stickers and embellishments such as birds, flowers, owls, mushrooms, and other plants and animals.

1. Begin by cutting a small square of felt. You want it to be big enough that it covers the hoop.

easy owl hoop embroidery craft idea

2. Take the embroidery hoop apart and place the felt between the two pieces. Press the hoops back together. The felt should be nice and tight now.
3. Use your scissors to trim off any extra felt around the edges of the hoop. You want it to look nice and clean.
4. Apply some glue to the back of your felt embellishment. Be generous.
5. Press the embellishment to the felt fabric. Press it until it is dry and secure.

Typically there is only room for one shape, but if you choose a larger hoop, or smaller shapes, you may be able to fit several.

Once your spring embroidery hoop craft is dry, you can hang it just as you would a picture frame. It is the perfect pop of instant art!

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