5 Great Tips for Planting Spring Bulbs

Spring bulbs are an easy and inexpensive way to make an impact in your landscaping, especially if you follow these tips for planting spring bulbs. They are fairly simple to plant, and even more simple to enjoy once they start popping up! If you do not have the greenest of thumbs, or haven’t had much luck with bulbs in the past, take a peek below at 5 tips for planting spring bulbs. You can still enjoy a show of flowers each spring when you give these tips a try. Take a look!

tips for planting spring bulbs

1. Base your planting depth according to bulb size.
When planting, dig a hole that is two times the length of your bulb. This means if you have a 2 inch long bulb, you will want to dig a good 4 inches down into the soil to bury it. This will ensure it stays well protected and has all of the room it needs to grow and root properly.

2. Plant in groups.
Don’t be afraid to plant your bulbs closely together. While they need vertical space to grow, they don’t need a great deal of horizontal space. You can place them close to each other so you get a strong pop of color.

3. Use a spade as opposed to a bulb planter.
You may have seen the bulb planting tools that allow you to plant multiple bulbs at once. Skip this tool and instead use a spade to plant one at a time. This will ensure each gets a firm planting with the proper amount of space and care!

4. Always water well after planting.
You really want to drench the bulb after it goes in the ground. This will immediately stimulate the roots and give the bulb a strong start. Don’t be afraid of overwatering when you first plant the bulb. The more water, the better.

5. Always save the packaging.
Always save the bulb packaging with your gardening supplies. It will have the directions for care AND the information to return the item should it not grow. Many bulbs are coming with guarantees these days, so save the packaging incase yours do fail to grow. This way, you can get a refund and try again.

Growing your spring bulbs is easy when you give these tips for planting spring bulbs a try. Try them out and see how they work for you. Happy growing!

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  1. Never use harmful pesticides on your bulbs with the intention of getting quick growth, it will badly effect the growth of bulb. So always go for a natural way and also keep your bulbs safe from insects. Thank you for sharing these tips with us.

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