Dia De Los Muertos at Disneyland Resort~ Celebrate!

I love the Halloween season at Disneyland, it always takes on a new dimension with the authentic Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) decor and festivities. I’ve had the opportunity to check it out first hand and I love all the Dia De Los Muertos exhibits and food at Disneyland this time of year! So, I thought I’d share how you can find holiday specific activities and entertainment at thematically appropriate locations within Disneyland and California Adventure.

California Adventure

Disney Pixar’s Coco heavily influences the celebration and festivities in California Adventure.  Like last year the area near Paradise Gardens Grill at the end of Pixar Pier will have a lot of Dia De Los Muertos activity, with some new surprises as well.

Plaza De Familia

At the Plaza De Familia guests can immerse themselves once again in the tradition and celebration inspired by the movie Coco.

Memory Wall

At the Memory Wall guests can share personal memories.  They’ll write on cards in memory of loved ones who have passed so they can put them up on display.

Arbol De La Vida

This “Tree of Life” photo location is a great family photo opportunity.  The backdrop is an authentic Arbol De La Vida which makes a for great framable photo.

World of Coco

The World of Coco exhibit returns. This is not new, however It’s a nice attraction for fans of the movie or for anyone who has not seen it yet.

Mariachi Band

The plaza will have live entertainment.  At the bandstand emotional mariachi music will sweep guests away and get everybody into the “spirit” of Dia De Los Muertos.

Paradise Gardens Grill

Nearby at the Paradise Gardens Grill a delicious Mexican food menu is on offer.  For dessert, there is a “Coco” cake. It’s a layered sponge cake with cinnamon mousse and cream cheese frosting.  So sweet.

A Musical Celebration of Coco

Grammy-Award winning Mariachi Divas convey the story of Miguel from Coco.  Singers and Folklorico Dancers join in with a hand-crafted style Miguel.

Cars Land

Across the park on Route 66 Ramon’s House of Body Art will feature an culturally authentic detail in the form of an Ofrenda (remembrance altar) in memory of Doc Hudson.


In Frontierland the plaza outside of Rancho Del Zocalo will be very festive as well with it’s own cultural contribution to the Halloween season.

Zocalo Park

Zocalo Park, in front of Rancho Del Zocalo will feature ornate marigolds and paper picado. There is also an ofrenda and Calaveras (Sugar Skulls) as well a La Catrina.

Rancho Del Zocalo

This is one of the best places to eat in Disneyland, especially when celebrating Dia De Los Muertos.  For dessert here, try the Sugar Skull Pot De Creme.


Have you had the opportunity to visit Disneyland during the month of October? Have you had the chance to see the Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Festival? If so what was your favorite part?

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