DIY Halloween Ghost Canning Jars

Are you looking for quick and easy Halloween decorating ideas? If you have a few canning jars you aren’t using, you are just a few steps away from creating these fun and frightful Halloween ghost canning jars. You can make your own flock of ghosts in just minutes, perfect for decorating your space for the Halloween season. Take a look below at how to get started. This is a craft anyone can do, so you can definitely enlist the kids to help!

DIY Halloween Ghost Canning Jars craft

DIY Halloween Ghost Canning Jars

Here is what you will need:

  • Assorted glass canning jars, lids not needed
  • White spray paint (flat or glossy, each works fine)
  • Googly eyes in assorted sizes
  • Craft glue

The items you see here can be found at any craft or retail store.

1. Begin by washing and drying your jars well. This will help the paint stick and adhere well.

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2. Place the jars on some newspaper to catch drips. Gently spray the insides of the jars with your white spray paint. Apply two coats, allowing the coats to dry well in between sprays. Add a third if more coverage is needed. Avoid getting any paint on the outside of the jars. You just want it showing through from the inside.

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3. Take the googly eyes and apply some craft or hot glue. Press them to the front of each jar. You will now see the face of your ghosts formed. For ours, we used googly eyes of various sizes that seemed to fit the size of the jar.

These Halloween ghost canning jars look spooktacular placed on a mantel or bookshelf. They can also be created to use as favor or treat holders for your Halloween parties and festivities.

However you choose to use them, give these easy to make Halloween ghost canning jars a try. This is one Halloween craft that the whole family can do that won’t scare your budget!

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