Easy To Grow Water Plants For Beginners

Starting a water garden for the first time is always a learning process because you determine the plants you like, the plants your garden can support and how to fill in and keep the garden balanced. Like any other garden, the types of plants that you can grow in your garden is going to depend on the climate zone you live in and the water and soil type you can provide. For first timers, with a small water garden setup, there are several easy to grow water plants for beginners that you can add with success.

Easy To Grow Water Plants For Beginners

If you are starting your very own water garden and are looking for some easy care, fast growing water garden plants to start with, check out these varieties. Each of them grows in a different way and is meant to be grown in a different area of the water garden.

Water Mint
Water mint is a fast spreading aquatic plant that mimics the growth pattern of mint that you might already be used to growing. If you have a large water garden, or a limited budget to spend on plants, a couple water mint plants can fill in a lot of space in a very short period of time. Plant them near the edges of your water garden, in closed containers to prevent them from taking over the soil of other potted water plants placed nearby.

Hardy Water Lily
Hardy water lilies are submerged plants that can grow in a wide range of water garden conditions and climate zones. These are great for gardeners that are still trying to figure out the water, pH and soil levels of their garden because they can adapt to shifts in their growing conditions. These need to be potted as well but the pots will be fully submerged with plants growing straight upward.

Blue Flag Iris
For water gardens that are not fully contained, the blue flag iris is a great water garden bed option. Traditionally found in bogs and marshes, this plant likes it’s roots to be fully covered in water but everything else left dry. Plant them in a full sun spot and divide each year to add their beautiful flowers all around the perimeter of your garden.

The lotus is a very traditional water garden plant, and new varieties are crated every year that make it easier for home gardeners to grow them in any color and climate. They have relatively few growing needs, requiring full sun and total submersion, and are fast developers no matter how you decide to plant them. Plant these for showy blooms that will fill your water garden all summer long.

Pitcher Plant
For a truly unique plant that will catch the interest of everyone that sees it, try a carnivorous Pitcher plant. These water plants are able to survive in hardiness zones 2-11 and can be brought indoors over the winter where it is colder. For the best results with this unique plant, do not drop them into the water, but plant them in any low level shelves in the water garden where soil can be added or along the edges of a natural water garden. Watch for insect eating, bright colored flowers and movement from these plants.

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