How to Make Your Own Simple Backyard Butterfly Feeders

Have you ever wanted butterflies to flock to your yard and garden? They bring so much color and whimsy! I love to see them flying around our backyard and garden. If you are having trouble attracting butterflies to your yard, take a look below at these simple ways to make your own butterfly feeder. There are several examples for you to choose from, all of which are sure to bring fabulous butterflies flocking to your yard.

How to make your own simple backyard butterfly feeders


Butterfly Feeder #1
Take a small, plastic butter dish lid. The lid should be shallow as you don’t want the butterfly to drown in it. Place a small chunk of sponge on the lid that has been saturated in sugar water. To make sugar water, just add a few teaspoons of sugar to a cup of water. Place the lid out in your garden where you can view the butterflies swinging by to take a sip!

Butterfly Feeder #2
Take some sturdy rope or string and attach a needle to the end. Take small, soft chunks of fruit (any fruit will do) and string them onto the rope. It will look somewhat like a fruit garland. Hang the garland in your garden where butterflies will perch on it for a snack. Don’t worry if the fruit starts to rot, they will love it even more.

Butterfly Feeder #3
Take a shallow dish and place certain kitchen scraps in it. Scraps can include fruit scraps, fruit peels, and even fruit juice. Mist the buffet of scraps with a little water. Place the dish out in your yard where the butterflies have easy access to it. It is a great way to reuse old scraps while feeding your fluttery friends too.

See how easy it can be to draw butterflies to your yard and garden? Give these easy feeder ideas a try and you are sure to see some great results.

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  1. I am planting butterfly bush and milkweed at the back of our yard to attract butterflies. They are so nice to watching flying around the yard.

  2. We just added a butterfly bush to our corner flower garden. I am looking forward to seeing a lot of butterflies in the yard. I will have to fix up a few feeders so they keep coming back.

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