How to Attract Songbirds To Your Yard and Garden

Song birds in the springtime can create some instant ambiance to your garden and yard. Attracting songbirds to your yard is easy, you just need to know what catches their attention and makes them want to stick around and sing! If you are longing for song birds in your yard, take a look below for some helpful tips on how to attract songbirds and keep them coming back each season!

How to Attract Songbirds To Your Backyard

Before we begin, let’s mention some of the songbirds you can look forward to seeing in your yard when you give these tips a try! Bluebirds, doves, orioles, nuthatches, finches, thrushes, and robins are all beautifully looking and sounding birds that would love to drop by for a visit!

1. Put out a wide display of foods.
Think about plants that will provide nectar to the birds such as black eyed susan or salvia. These plants will attract birds just as much as seeds will. When you are ready to fill your feeders, consider cracked corn, sunflower seed, and safflower seed. Placing out chunks of fruit or even spoonfuls of jelly can help attract a wide variety of fruit loving songbirds.

2. Fresh water is a must.
Songbirds love sipping on fresh water as well as bathing in it. The more open of a location you can add a water feeder is better. Birds won’t feel safe using the water feature if it is too nestled or hidden, so opt for a space in the center of the yard if you can.

3. Native plants attract native birds.
Ask your local gardening center to show you native plant varieties that are available. These are plants that naturally grow in your region and have for hundreds of years. Native birds will love these plants as they are quite familiar and adapted to them. So grab a few and add them to your yard and flower beds.

4. Add some low shrubs.
Birds love low shrubs to hide and nest in. Add a few simple shrubs to your flower beds so songbirds can hide from predators and even build nests if they wish. Make sure you choose shrubs that are free from spiky branches or thorns.

5. Avoid the use of chemicals.
Avoid using chemicals on your plants or lawns that could harm or repel the birds. Instead, opt for natural options. Remember that birds will do a great deal of your pest control for you!

6. Always keep feeders full.
This seems obvious, but many people forget to check on their feeders and then the birds go elsewhere. Check feeders at least every two days to make sure they are fresh, full, and free of any harmful damage.

7. Watch out for cats!
If you have a cat, keep it out of the yard as it will intimidate and kill songbirds. Also keep your eyes out for strays or neighbor cats who could be scaring them away.
Are you ready to surround yourself with the sounds of songbirds? Bringing beautiful songbirds to your yard can be a cinch when you give these tips a try!

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  1. We are starting to see some birds returning to our feeders! These are great tips, and should help make the yard welcoming to birds.

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