Tomato and Basil Caprese Salad

One of my favorite late summer treats is a fresh tomato right out of the garden. Add in a little fresh mozzarella cheese, and some fresh basil, and you have the ultimate combination. I think the formal name for it is a Caprese Salad, but I call them tomato stacks.

I like to stack them all together for a mid to late summer version of an appetizer or salad. It can even be a mid afternoon snack. I simply slice up a tomato or two, layer in some fresh mozzarella, and and add a few basil leaves to top it all off.

The combination is fabulous!

I can’t get enough fresh tomatoes this time of year. They taste like sunshine straight from the garden. My tomatoes are dwindling down to the last few, so I’m enjoying them while I can!

Image (c) L Gerlach

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