What To Plant With Poppies

What to plant with poppies is a big question! Spring poppies put on a beautiful show for the week or two that they are blooming, but you’re wondering what to plant with poppies? The problem with poppies is, they’re fabulous while they last, but as soon as their cheery blooms fade you can be left with an entire flower bed or border with no color. Don’t worry! There are some great companion plants that pair well with spring poppies and add color during and after the poppy blooms have faded away. By planning out your garden bed with a healthy combination and mixing it up with these other types of flowers, you can create an incredible show of flowers that bloom and fade into each other.

plant with poppies

What to plant with poppies? Try any of these plants that pair well with spring poppies because of the timing of their blooms, their ability to grow in the same soil condition and the easy way their colors contrast and complement each other.

Big bloomed dahlias come in many varieties and colors, with all sizes of flower heads to either fill in the space among your poppies or take all the attention of the garden once your poppies have died off. These perennials are a great choice to share the same bed because both poppies and dahlias are perennial plants, poppies will reseed themselves, so neither plant needs any attention and the bed can just be left alone when the growing season is over.

Hyacinth is another spring blooming flower, popping up out of the ground when there is still snow on the ground in the colder climates of the country. Hyacinths are extremely fragrant, so tuck them among the poppies that you’ve planted to benefit from a brilliant color and fragrant combination.

Low growing tickseed is a great way to fill in the lower edge of the garden bed beneath the tall flowering poppy plants. Tickseed fills in with green mounds fast, but it does not bloom till summer, so when your bed needs flowers, it is there to add them.

A leggy, wide branching plant, the flowers that eventually bloom on gypsophila are also wide and leggy. Plant a few gypsophila plants among the poppies that bloom in your garden, and when spring is over, gypsophila grows, covering up the leftovers from your poppies as they die back naturally. If your gypsophila comes in as fast as the poppies fade, the white and red combination is very striking.

Marigolds are great annuals to fill in the empty ground and corners of any bed, and they help bring butterflies and beneficial insects to your garden. These plants can be moved into the garden when you need them, creating as much color and drama as you want to see in your beds.

What would you plant with poppies?

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