10 Creative Uses for Scrap Fabric

Growing up my mom was a seamstress, so it seemed like we always had a bag of scrap fabrics. I learned to use them to make everything from doll clothes, to wall hangings. It was definitely one thing we never had a shortage of! Even now it seems like I always have a scrap fabric pile, and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone? After all, it is so hard to toss those scraps when you know you can somehow put them to use. If you are looking for some scrap fabric inspiration, take a look below at 10 creative uses for scrap fabric that you can try! You’ll find those tiny scraps can actually be put to good use. Here are a few of my favorite¬†uses for¬†scrap fabric.

10 Uses for Scrap Fabrics

1. Make a grab bag for kids.
Fill an empty baby wipes container with scrap fabric strips. Just like kids love pulling wipes out of the container, they will love pulling the scraps of fabric out over and over again. Once the container is empty, simply fill it back up and start again.

2. Decoupage.
Use colorful scraps to decoupage a cardboard or wooden box, plates, and more. Just lay the fabric flat over a layer of decoupage and add a layer of the product over the fabric. It will dry clear and look great! This is a frugal way to dress up thrift store finds especially.

3. Give flower pots a personality.
You can wrap flower pots in fabric scraps using the same decoupage tutorial mentioned above. It is a great way to give some personality to a boring terra cotta flower pot before planting season begins.

4. Make book marks.
Cut scrap fabric into simple strips to use as bookmarks in your favorite books. This is also a great idea when thinking about a gift for a friend who loves to read.

5. Help out the birds.
Birds love using scrap fabric to build their nests. Place a ball of scrap fabric pieces in your yard for them to stumble upon. They will love taking their pick and use it to fluff their nests.

6. Make a colorful collage.
Cut scrap fabric into small squares and use them to make a collage. Simply glue the squares to the insert of a picture frame, place back in the frame, and enjoy the instant art.

7. Craft your own napkin rings.
Scrap fabric makes the perfect cottage style napkin ring. Just take a strip and wrap it around your rolled up napkin. It is a great way to add a pop of color for pennies.

8. Make doll accessories.
Scrap fabric can be used to create blankets and placemats in doll houses. It can also be turned into a hankie for your doll as well as hair ribbons.

9. Craft some pet toys.
Take two squares of scrap fabric and stitch three of the edges closed. Insert some cat nip or a pet treat and sew the remaining open edge closed. This is a quick and cheap pet toy your pet is sure to love.

10. Make your own cleaning cloths.
Scrap fabric can always be used as colorful, reusable cleaning cloths. Keep a rag bag of scrap fabric on hand to use for your dusting and other cleaning needs.

Does this list have you looking at scrap fabric in a whole new light? Give these tips for using scrap fabric a try and see what you can create.

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