4 Upcycled DIY Uses for an Old Drawer

Upcycled Dresser Drawer Planter Box

DIY Upcycled Dresser Drawer Planter Box

Do you love the idea of a container garden? If you want to enjoy herbs and flowers in a small and contained space, this dresser drawer planter box is perfect for you. You can make your own dresser drawer planter box using an old drawer and just a few other basic supplies. Take a look below at how to get started so you too can get busy planting!

Here is what you will need:
Old drawer
4 long screws
Power screwdriver, drill
4 spindles/legs
Paint in your choice of color
Paint brush
Gorilla glue or wood glue

1. Begin by apply two coats of paint in the color of your choice to the dresser drawer. If it has a heavy finish on it, just buff it lightly with sandpaper before you begin. You may also wish to use a primer if the drawer was previously painted or stained.
2. Now, create drainage holes in the dresser. You want water to have a place to run out when you water your plants. To make these, simply use a drill and a drill bit to create 5-7 holes in the bottom of the dresser.
3. Attach the legs to your planter box. You can find spindles such as the ones we used here at local home improvement stores. Or, you can take the legs off of a castoff piece of furniture. To attach them, turn your planter box over and lay it flat. Apply the legs to the planter box in each corner using wood or Gorilla glue. This will hold them in place until you are ready to place the screws.

Upcycled Dresser Drawer DIY Planter Box

4. Once the glue is dry, carefully turn the box drawer over. Drill a screw through the drawer and into each leg.

Upcycled Dresser Drawer Planter Box

You can now use your dresser drawer planter box. Simply line it with coconut shell or moss, and then fill with potting soil. Plant herbs and small flowering plants which you can then in turn enjoy all season long. If you wish, you can even place flower pots directly into the planting box to enjoy. Either way, you will quickly find that anything you plant will look fantastic in a planting box such as this. Give it a try! Up next upcycled dresser drawer sensory table. Next page

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  1. Upcycle ideas are so fun! I think my favorite is the planting box. I bet an old drawer would make a great outdoor sensory bin or sand box too!

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