4 Upcycled DIY Uses for an Old Drawer

Upcycled Dresser Drawer Sensory Table

Upcycled Dresser Drawer DIY Sensory Table

Children love sensory tables, as they are a great way to explore fine motor skills and get their imaginations active. You can create your own sensory table at home, with nothing more than a dresser drawer and a few basic supplies. You will find that your kids will have hours of fun, while your wallet gets a little break as well. Take a peek below at how to get started crafting your own upcycled drawer sensory table.

Here is what you will need:

  • 1 drawer
  • Paint in your choice of color
  • Paint brush
  • A filler such as rice or sand
  • Assorted pouring and measuring tools
  • Utensils, plastic animals, and other small toys

1. Begin by apply two coats of paint in the color of your choice to the dresser drawer. If it has a heavy finish on it, just buff it lightly with sandpaper before you begin. You may also wish to use a primer if the drawer was previously painted or stained.
2. Once your paint is dry, you can fill your sensory table with the filler. Fill it about ½ way full of rice, sand, or some other child safe filler. It is not advised that you use water, as the wood most likely will leak.
3. Place the exploration items in the filler. You can add measuring cups, spoons, forks, toy dinosaurs, plates, and other items your child enjoys.

Upcycled Dresser Drawer Sensory Table

Now all you need to do is place the sensory table on a tablecloth or directly into the grass for easy and mess free enjoyment. Children will love measuring, pouring, scooping, and burying their toys in the filler. Watch as they enjoy uses their senses for hours while also building some important fine motor skills too!

Give this easy dresser drawer sensory table a try, and see how easy and inexpensive it can be to create a sensory experience all your own. UP next upcycled dresser drawer dollhouse. Next page

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  1. Upcycle ideas are so fun! I think my favorite is the planting box. I bet an old drawer would make a great outdoor sensory bin or sand box too!

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