Baby Raccoons In The Barn

An enterprising mother coon decided to move her babies into our barn a couple weeks ago. At first we didn’t know what was wreaking nightly havoc on the dog food and chicken food cans. They chewed the lids to the plastic garbage cans we hold our animal food in, and dumped the whole thing over at least twice. We finally figured out what was causing the problem (but we did already suspect a coon) when our dog treed one of the babies one night. He looks sweet and innocent doesn’t he?

They definitely weren’t! Besides making a mess of the animal food, they also drug around the plants on my front porch, helped themselves to my garden and dug holes everywhere!

Our dog Emily got one of the babies on another night, and it didn’t make it to a tree!  The mother must have decided it was time to move on after that! I haven’t seen any of them, or any signs of them for a couple weeks.

We have a large woods behind our house. Hopefully they’ve gone back there to stay!

4 thoughts on “Baby Raccoons In The Barn”

  1. I think this is the summer of the critters. We’ve had chipmunks in our garden, squirrels too and mice have gotten into the bucket (with a lid) of catfood. A guy at home depot showed us some pellets – they aren’t poison, but you sprinkle them around the garden – they have capsacin and other natural critter deterrents, so I hope it works.

  2. Oh my I suspect running into this sort of thing! Our dog had his first run in with a skunk the other night, we were so not knowing what to do, our dog will not let you give him a bath under any circumstance. I used a Foaming lavender wash for cats on him for the last few days and today he let me scrub him with a mixture of water and baking powder. The skunk smell is still lingering!!! Any advice for your new farm girl reader?

  3. April~ Our dog thinks she has to get skunked every spring, we use a mixture of one bottle of peroxide, 1/4 cup baking soda, and 1 tablespoon of dish washing liquid. It does wonders! Good luck!

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