Round Hay Bales

We used to bale our own hay, back when we had a couple steers in the pasture to feed it to. We haven’t had any steers for a few years, so our neighbor has been baling the hay for his own animals. He usually does the large round bales, then lets them sit in the field for a couple days. I love the way our field looks when the round hay bales are sitting in it. I’m always sad when he hauls them away.

Here’s what I see from the front of the house looking out the driveway.

Another shot of the front field.

I don’t know why hay bales can fascinate me so much, maybe I’ve just lived too long in the country and I’m easily entertained? Here’s one last shot of the round hay bales in the back field.

At least I’m easy to entertain, right?

4 thoughts on “Round Hay Bales”

  1. Every time we pass bales of hay my husband says, “You know that’s illegal right? Cows are supposed to get 3 square meals a day.” It’s corny, but still makes me smile every time he says it. 🙂

  2. Okay now I am officially going to stock,I found another learning resource. So dumb question then, you grow hay then it roles up to create a hay bale? I love them too.

  3. April, I think the farmers have something that roll it up into the bale. Now here’s my dumb question that I have always wondered. Is hay just tall grass or a form of grass or is it something else? Everyday this time of year I see hay bales by me but never see anything tall or long enough before hand. What exactly is hay?

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