2 Ways to Add Winter Interest to Your Garden

Does your garden feel blah in the winter? My friend Sargam is back with some great tips to add winter interest to your garden! As a bonus these tips will also attract winter birds to your garden and yard, plus provide them some great cover all year round. Low maintenance native species can offer color … Read more

Fall Fertilizing Guide for the Garden

My friend Sargam is back with more great garden tips in this fall fertilizing guide for the garden! She shares how fertilizing your garden in the fall can lead to beautiful flowers and vegetables next summer! A fall fertilizing guide to help your garden thrive In their natural environment, trees and shrubs benefit from woodland … Read more

Chrysanthemum Care Checklist

Chrysanthemum Care Checklist

My favorite fall flowers are chrysanthemums. I love their cheerful blooms and colors! I have a couple that come back year after year. Today I have a post from my friend Sargam with a Chrysanthemum care checklist to help you grow these cheery flowers successfully year after year. A guide to making your Mums last … Read more