Gardening For the Butterflies

The Monarch Butterfly is on the endangered list, because of the use of chemical pesticides, and many of their habitats are in jeopardy, gardening for the butterflies is important to me, so I like to try to create a habitat in my own back yard to support the Monarch Butterfly, and other butterfly species to … Read more

Attracting Pollinators To Your Garden

If you’ve been around Home and Garden Cafe long, you know I’m a total garden geek! I love all the creepy crawlies ¬†and critters that go along with my garden, especially the pollinators. Actually I want to make sure I’m attracting plenty of them to my garden, they’re great for vegetable and fruit production! This … Read more

Beautiful and Beneficial Bugs In My Garden This Summer

This summer I’ve had quite a few beautiful and beneficial bugs in my garden. I captured some photos so I thought I’d share some of them with you today. My favorite creatures are the butterflies that come to visit every summer. I try to plant my garden with them in mind, so I’m always excited … Read more