20 Coolest DIY Pendant Light Projects For Your Home

I am in love with the new pendant light styles I’ve been seeing on Pinterest and I really want to diy my own as soon as we get moved into the new house. Did I mention we’re moving? Yep! Plenty of packing and purging going on here right now, and I’m finally getting some before and after photos of some of our farmhouse remodel! I’m hoping to share them soon. In the mean time, as I said I’ve been researching DIY pendant light projects for myself, and I thought I’d share some of my faves with you!

20 Coolest DIY Pendant Light Projects For Your Home

20 Coolest DIY Pendant Light Projects For Your Home:

    1. DIY Wood Pendant Light Tutorial from lilluna.com
    2. DIY Pendant Light from freshcrush.com
    3. DIY $375 Pendant Light For $60! from kristimurphy.com
    4. DIY Tropical Pendant Light from monsterscircus.com
    5. DIY Industrial Pendant Light Hanger from lizmarieblog.com
    6. DIY Outdoor Pendant Light from unexpectedelegance.com
    7. Starburst Ceiling Medallion DIY from abeautifulmess.com
    8. DIY Wastebasket Pendant Lamp from damasklove.com
    9. Inexpensive DIY Brass Geometric Globe Pendant Light from attagirlsays.com
    10. DIY Metallic Pendant Sconce from sugarandcloth.com
    11. DIY No Sew Fabric Pleated Pendant Lamp from thehousethatlarsbuilt.com
    12. DIY Himmeli Pendant Light from ohohblog.com
    13. DIY Eames Inspired Bohemian Pendant Lamp from lovemaegan.com
    14. DIY Copper Pendant From Copper Pipe And Basket from maisondepax.com
    15. Ikea Hack: Make A DIY Pendant Light From A Wood Bowl from makeandtell.com
    16. DIY Recycled Cardboard Pendant Light from sugarandcloth.com
    17. DIY Rope Pendant Lamp from lovemaegan.com
    18. Macrame Pendant Light from makeandtell.com
    19. DIY Beaded Pendant Light from thechroniclesofhome.com
    20. Industrial Cage Light Bulb Cover from refreshrestyle.com

So which DIY pendant light projects are your favorites? Did you find one that’s a perfect match for your home decor in this bunch? I’m in love with a couple of the more rustic styles. Right now we’re in an old farmhouse, and when we move we’ll be in a brick ranch. Here’s the thing though! You can take the girl out of her old farmhouse, but you can’t take that farmhouse style out of the girl!

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