How to Care For Bonsai Plants: 5 Great Tips

I’m a huge bonsai fan! I love looking at their curves and lines, and trying to figure out how they got that way! They’re so artful and elegant! Bonsai plants need a certain amount of care in order to grow sufficiently. In order to get the most out of your bonsai plant, I have some simple tips to help your plant grow and live a long and healthy life. Follow these five important steps to get the best results from your bonsai.

a wide variety of bonsai plants are placed in the flower garden
1. Watering your bonsai plant– In order to promote good health in your bonsai plant make sure that you water it sufficiently. It is a plant that needs more water than the other species of plants. However, it is important to not over-water it. Give it enough water to soak the soil and permit it to dry out completely and then add some fresh water to it again. A bonsai plant that is grown outdoors will need more water than one that is kept in the house.
2. How much sunlight should my bonsai plant get?– Make sure that your plant gets enough sunlight. If you are planting it outside, make sure that it is in an area that has a fair amount of sun. For those who are growing bonsai indoors, use a lighting system for your plants. It is beneficial that you also have your plant on a timer so that the lights can go off at a certain time.
3. How do I train my bonsai?– If you happen to be growing your bonsai indoors, make sure that you provide proper drainage for your plant. Rocks on the bottom of a pot will help it with the drainage. You will also need training wire to train the bonsai to grow along the wire, bend the wire as the bonsai grows to help mold the shape.
4. How much fertilizer does my bonsai need?– Make sure that you add some fertilizer to your plant if you are growing it indoors. Bonsai, like any other plant, needs nourishment. Indoor plant soil lacks the nutrients that are found in regular outdoor soil. Therefore, adding fertilizer to your bonsai at regular intervals will help to keep your bonsai healthy and also to grow well.
5. Have more bonsai growing questions? – Ask or seek advice from someone that knows or grows bonsai. You could also search online to find information that will help you to understand all about the bonsai plant and how to train it properly.
Following these 5 tips for caring for bonsai plants will help you to understand about the plant, how to train it, and its life cycle. If you cut your bonsai at regular intervals, you will keep your bonsai plant healthy for many years to come.

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