My Whole30 Menu Day 4

Happy Sunday! For our family this is the last day of  the holiday season. Tomorrow my son is back to school, my husband and I are both back to our regular weekly work schedules which means I’ll probably have less time to prepare my Whole30 recipes, which probably means I won’t come up with as many new recipes and cooking may be more basic. I’ve done some things to plan ahead, and I have plenty of fresh fruits and veggies on hand so hopefully it should go well!

My Whole30 Day 4 Menus and Recipes

Here is my Whole30 menu for today (day 4) of the Whole30 program, you can check out the full month as I go along here: My Whole30 Menus and Recipes

Day 4 Whole30 breakfast menu:

Day 4 Whole30 lunch menu:

For lunch I had leftovers from previous days.

Day 4 Whole30 dinner menu:

The fish tacos are one of my favorite recipes so far! I also enjoyed the chocolate avocado smoothie. It’s not a sweet smoothie if you’re looking for sweet, but I thought it was pretty delicious! I’m definitely planning to make both recipes again!


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