My Whole30 Menu Day 6

I’m to day 6 in the Whole30 program! The days are really flying by! Today was another hectic day, so no new recipes. I did make some more chicken vegetable stir fry today, but nothing new and creative. I wanted to make something with salmon for supper, but I wanted to go do a whole body workout, and a Zumba class tonight. The workout won out, so I had the rest of the stir fry for supper, instead of making the salmon.

Last night I dreamed about cake! Actually I dreamed of eating cake, a whole cake, hah! Well actually I was just eating around the outside (the icing is the best part right?) I also dreamed that the skin was coming off of my hands and feet, ewwe! That is probably what would really happen since eating gluten makes me break out. I don’t really crave or miss eating cake these days, so I don’t know what the dream was all about? Maybe because I’m doing the Whole30 program and staying away from sweets? Hmmm….

My Whole30 Day 6 Menu

Here was my day 6 Whole30 menu:

Day 6 Whole30 breakfast menu:

Chocolate Avocado Smoothie~ I seem to be in a rut here, but these smoothies are hitting the spot and filling me up until lunch!
cup of coffee~ I love my morning coffee!

Day 6 Whole30 lunch menu:

Lunch sounds familiar too! I promise I’ll try some new recipes in the next couple days.

Chicken vegetrable stir fry

Day 6 Whole30 dinner menu:

  • Chicken Stir Fry (what was left from lunch)
  • I also had a handful of crunchy pecans (soaked raw pecans dried in the dehydrator) after my workout.

I do want to get back to playing around with recipes! I’ve been craving some guacamole. I pinned a guacamole salmon recipe on Pinterest the other day, so I may have to dig it up and give it a try.

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