Paper Mache Egg Easter Table Centerpiece

I made this Easter egg table decoration a couple years ago. It was fairly simple to make, and very low cost. If you don’t mind a little painting, you can make a similar centerpiece for as low as a couple dollars.

I purchased paper mache eggs at a local craft store for a few cents each. The bowl came from a thrift store for less than a dollar. I always have craft paints and paint brushes on hand, so no added cost there.

You can create your own paper mache Easter egg centerpiece for under $5. Check your favorite local or online craft store for paper mache eggs.

Paint the eggs with acrylic paints and let them dry. Use a sponge to dapple a second color of paint over the top, you can even use the sponge to add a third color of paint to your eggs. Touch up your egg masterpieces, then display them in your favorite bowl or Easter basket.

Add some Easter grass under the eggs to add even more color to the display. It would make a fun display for an Easter party, or Easter dinner. You can make several, and use them for your table centerpieces, or to decorate a buffet table.

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  1. The paper mache eggs end up with such a great matte finish that some other materials don’t have. I suppose I could spoil that by heaping on shiny shiny acrylics, but I think I’ll stick with a gorgeous matte medium 🙂

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