Spring Pruning In Our Ohio Orchard

We have several fruit trees at our house, calling it an orchard might be stretching it a little since they’re a little spread out around our property. Every late winter or early spring it’s time to get out there and give them all a good pruning! We’ve just learned as we went the last several years on how to best prune our fruit trees.

The one thing most seem to agree on is, you have to open up the middle and let light get through. We always try to trim off the “sucker” branches growing up from the ground beside the tree, and growing up through the center of the tree.

We also try to “balance” the tree. This apple tree got way out of hand on height several years ago, now we’re trying to get it back under control without trimming it back too much.

The one thing I have learned through the years, it’s good to have the right tools for the job. We have 4 different pruning tools for the different branches we have to trim.

We purchased a Pruning 3 Piece Combo Set With Lopper, Hedge Shears And Pruner like this one a few years ago. It’s come in handy!

My husband’s favorite tool is his Extendable Pruning Saw like this one.

It’s great for those tall hard to reach branches!

Here are a couple tutorials on pruning if you’re looking for some more specific advice:

An apple tree pruning tutorial from DIY Network

Weekend Gardener How to Prune a Fruit Tree

Good luck with your spring pruning duties!

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