6 Ways to Get More Flowers on a Hibiscus

Is your Hibiscus looking sad? Here are 6 ways to get more flowers on a Hibiscus plant. Follow this great advice from my friend Sargam and your Hibiscus will be rewarding you with big beautiful blooms in no time!
6 Ways to Get More Flowers on a Hibiscus

How to get a Hibiscus to bloom year after year

It’s Summertime here in Ohio, and the humid heat brings our favorite blooms of the season. Hibiscus flowers add large, showy pops of vibrant color to your landscape. Tropical Hibiscuses are abundantly available at any local home and garden store, from large braided hibiscus trees to small potted hibiscus shrubs, you can choose your pick. If you invest in a hibiscus tree, only to realize the Hibiscus is not cold hardy, fret not. These tropical trees can survive the winter indoors and bloom year after year.

How can I get my Hibiscus to bloom?

The best way to encourage blooms in your Hibiscus is to ensure it gets the right amount of light, water, fertilizer, and the right kind of soil. Preventing diseases and pests will help promote and preserve hibiscus flowers.
How can I get my Hibiscus to bloom?

How much sun does my Hibiscus need?

The hibiscus plant is often advertised as a sun-loving, full sun tree. However, its broad leaves allow moisture to escape quickly, often dehydrating the plant if left in the harsh afternoon sun.
Place your Hibiscus in a spot where it will get morning sun, up to 3 P.M., and afternoon shade.

How much should I water my Hibiscus?

Hibiscus trees do not like wet feet, but drought conditions can cause pests like spider mites. Use a soil moisture meter to test the soil and water when the soil is somewhat dry. You may drench the soil completely every few days and allow water to run out from the pot, then wait till the soil is dry before re-watering or water slightly every day to keep the soil moist. Make sure to avoid watering the foliage as this can cause diseases like mildew.

How to prepare the soil for my Hibiscus?

Hibiscuses prefer slightly acidic soil with a PH balance of about 6.7. The Hibiscus will flower when its soil is rich in nutrients. Amend the soil with organic fertilizer (Amazon link) and make sure to use indoor potting soil to plant your Hibiscus to prevent diseases. Indoor potting mix contains pearlite, vermiculite, moss, and bark to support the potted Hibiscus by aerating the soil and preventing root rot.
Hibiscus blooms open

How to prune a Hibiscus?

Regular cleaning during the blooming season will keep your hibiscus plant tidy. Hibiscus blooms last for a day and usually close and drop within 24 hours. Dispose of the dropped blooms. Yearly pruning will boost hibiscus blooms by increasing airflow and encouraging growth. Use sanitized sheers to trim any crossing branches and cut the stems to make them appear and even length.

How to prevent diseases in my Hibiscus?

If you want to get more blooms from your Hibiscus, stay ahead of diseases. Grow Tip- Prevention is the best cure. Carefully observe the underside of the foliage and buds for any signs of bugs such as spider mites, mealybugs, and aphids. If you spot bugs, move the plant to a shady spot, hose the plant down, let the foliage dry, apply a simple solution of warm water, dish soap, and a few drops of neem oil. You can also use Fels-Naptha Laundry Bar Soap. After treatment, allow the plant to remain in the shady spot for 24 hours before moving it back into its original location.

How to get hibiscus blooms to open?

Often, the plant sheds its buds due to a lack of nutrients in the pot. Get your hibiscus plant to flower by fertilizing it using diluted fish fertilizer. You can also use a fertilizer designed for Acid loving plants.
Grow-Tip – Go easy on Acid loving plant fertilizer as Hibiscus can easily get fertilizer burn, causing the foliage to yellow and drop.
Written By Sargam Merchant
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