We’ve Got Chicks!

We got some baby chicks the first part of June. They were so cute when I opened up the box.  All fuzzy, soft and tiny. We started out with 16 all mixed up breeds.

They came through the mail overnight in the box above. We kept them in a much larger cardboard box on our closed in front porch for the first week or so.

Aren’t they so cute!

We lost one the first couple days we had them, she just wasn’t right and never ate any food. We put the rest out into an old dog kennel we have, and even closed in the top. We still had 3 more of them disappear mysteriously one night, so we had to close up every nook and cranny.

They’re even bigger than the photo above now, and have most of their feathers grown in. I really need to get out there and get another picture soon.

All of the breeds we got were egg layers. I get way too attached to them to eat ’em.


4 thoughts on “We’ve Got Chicks!”

  1. We are moving to a farm on the 15th of September Chicks are my first project! Where did you order them from? I told my husband I want to order them so we start with babies since I am a Wanna Be Soon to be farm girl that has never held a chicken but cannot wait! Green Acres here I come!

  2. April~ We ordered them from Meyer Hatchery, they have all different kinds so we just ordered a mix of egg layers.

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