DIY Halloween BOO Wreath Tutorial

I love the fall season, which makes Halloween and Thanksgiving 2 of my favorite holidays of the year, right behind Christmas that is! I love to decorate and add pops of fall color to my home decor. I also love having a wreath on my door all year round to celebrate the season. My spring wreath doesn’t really fit this time of year, so it’s time for a change! This DIY Halloween boo wreath was fairly easy to make, and it’s perfect to celebrate the fall and Halloween season!

Halloween DIY BOO wreath tutorial

DIY Halloween BOO Wreath Tutorial


  • 16 inch wire wreath frame
  • 8 to 10 light colored pipe cleaners
  • 1 ~21 inch by 10 yard roll decorative mesh- ombre in fall colors
  • 4-5 inch paper mache letters BOO
  • black spray paint
  • orange spray paint
  • miscellaneous fall leaves and flowers
  • hot glue
  • hot glue gun

Halloween DIY Boo Wreath materials

1. Spray paint the BOO letters with black spray paint and set them aside to dry.
2. Once they’ve dried lightly mist the letters with orange spray paint and set them aside to dry.

Halloween DIY Boo letters

3. While the letters are drying, place one end of the decorative mesh against the wire wreath, leaving about a 2-3 inch tail, use the end of one pipe cleaner to secure it in place around 1 of the wires. Cut off the excess pipe cleaner with a pair of wire cutters.
4. Form a 3-4 inch loop and repeat the process to wire down the mesh and form a loop. Repeat the same process all the way round the wreath 2 times.
Halloween DIY Boo wreath how to
5. Use a hot glue gun to glue on the BOO letters down the left side.
6. Fill in with fall leaves and flowers to help fill out the wreath along the left side. Glue them in with the hot glue gun.
7. Display your Halloween BOO wreath on a door or above a table with fall or Halloween decor to add to your splash of fall color.

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